HiLCoE Management – Decisions

To:         All Graduate and Undergraduate Students of HiLCoE

Re:         Online Class Follow-up

Due to the world wide COVID-19 pandemic, HiLCoE has switched from the face to face course delivery mode to online course delivery. The ONLINE course delivery has been going on starting from the mid of March. During this time, HiLCoE has been continuously monitoring the ONLINE course delivery and has taken various steps in resolving different issues.

Currently, we are mainly using emails, TELEGRAM channels for content delivery and ZOOM for interactive sessions. Some instructors are also using other complementary tools for enhancing the course delivery.

HiLCoE has recently conducted an assessment of the ongoing online course delivery and has found that the term programmes are running successfully. It has also observer that there is some room for improvement too.

The Management of HiLCoE along with the professors and technical assistants have discussed on the quality of delivery, punctuality, student engagement, evaluation, etc. and have decided the following points to be taken seriously by students:

  1. All students will be required to follow their classes according to the CLASS SCHEDULE for the respective courses.
  2. Instructors will keep records of students’ attendances for each ONLINE session.
  3. Instructors will also conduct continuous evaluation for their courses
  4. Course materials of the online sessions are accessible from the Systems Office and the instructors of the respective courses
  5. The Academic Calendar for the current year has been updated as follows:
    1. End of Classes for the current term (WINTER 2020) will be 31st May 2020
    2. Tentative date for the beginning of the next term (SPRING 2020) will be 15th June 2020

Finally, we would like to thank all the faculty, technical team and students of HiLCoE who have helped in making this ONLINE Course Delivery possible, despite all the inconveniences that you have been facing.

Note: Please contact the Systems Office or the college administration for any assistance.

Thank you

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