graduate Admissions

Admission is open for Ethiopians as well as international students that
could be granted on competitive basis. Apart from the stated
requirements for admissions into the different study programmes, Special Criteria for Admission may also be set when deemed necessary, through entrance exams, interviews or by reviewing merits already attained.

The college determines the number of students who may be admitted to each study programme in each entry according to the college’s available resources.
The final selection for admission is usually made on a competitive basis
and according to the number of places available.

Applicants seeking admission should collect from the School the “Application Form For Graduate Programme”. The completed form shall be returned to the Admission Office together with the following items:

  1. Certified copies of previous credentials (Degree and Transcript).
  2. A letter of motivation written by the applicant. The letter should describe the applicant’s justification to pursue further education, his/her readiness and the like (less than a page).
  3. Three 2 X 3 recent photos of the applicant.

Admission Transfer

In principle transfer of students within HiLCoE’s programmes is allowed if admission transfer procedure is completed. A student must satisfy the minimum admission requirements stated in their respective programmes. In addition, all of the following course transfer rules are enforced as part of the admission process for those applicants who didn’t complete the programme and exemption would be considered for those applicants who have already completed one of the programmes.

  • Course transfer requests are processed during application for admission transfer provided that the applicant has completed the form made available for this purpose and submitted all relevant academic documents.
  • A maximum of 30% of the total credit hours of a programme to be admitted to can be exempted.
  • Exemption of course exhaustively granted mainly from core courses.
  • Project/Thesis work transfer or/and exemption cannot be granted.
  • All transfer shall be approved by the Academic Council.
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